Redirects Checker

When you change your name on your webshop, it’s paramount that you use a 301 redirect checker to make sure that your old domain, refers to your new domain. The same concept applies to old categories which have been combined with other categories on your webshop or website. If you don’t make a redirect, Google will not know that an URL merely changed the name and you’ll lose placements on the URL and be forced to start from scratch. But if you make sure to do a redirect from you old URL to the new URL, you’ll lose little by changing URL.

There are several different types of redirects

301, ”Moved Permanently” – The right one to use!
302, “Found” or “Moved Temporarily.”

For each new URL make sure that your developers have made a 301 redirect.

The greatest danger is that you fail to make redirects when you create a new site, a new design or change your CMS. Failure to redirect means your site loses all placements – that being said if the URL is named exactly as before you won’t lose anything. This is a common mistake that we often see, and it’s an expensive mistake for companies to make. Right off the bat, they start losing customers, resulting of course in decreasing profit. The mistake is more or less irreparable, but in some situations, if you act quickly, a pair of capable hands can safe a site.

Check your redirects below, fill in the URL you want to check:


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