Get a 360°analysis of your online marketing

360°analysis of your online marketing

There are a lot of us “nerds” at River Online who love working with data. That’s why we’re now able to offer a free 360° analysis of your online marketing.

The only thing we ask of you is that you take the time to review the analysis once we’re finished. And, of course, there’s no obligation whatsoever on your part.

Never heard of us before?

For those of you who haven’t heard of River Online, we’re an online marketing agency with offices across Europe.

We work mainly with Google AdWords, SEO and Facebook. Our approach is data-driven, meaning that we use analysis as the key to your growth.

We employ some of Denmark's brightest nerds, and our work is our hobby. That’s why you’ll always receive the best service and results from us.

Yes, please – I would like to receive a free 360° analysis!

To carry out a comprehensive analysis of your online marketing, we need some key information from you.

We need your name, email address, your domain name, and your AdWords account ID (if you don’t have an AdWords account ID, you can skip this when completing the form).

Once we have received your information and have carried out the analysis, we will contact you by telephone to review our findings in full.

Get a free 360° analysis

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