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Our goal is to help you get the most out of all your sales channels, and this takes highly competent people who are experts in their field. Our consultants are passionate about what they do, and they love their work.

We are a bunch of “nerds," and we like to deliver results, and to put it simply, we not only love what we do, we love what you do, too!

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We really aren’t like all the others!

There’s a reason behind what we do – a mission. And that mission is to revolutionise the field of online marketing, and we’re working on it at full speed using our own smart tools which have been developed in-house to give you more for your money – more service, more results and more campaigns for the same investment.

SEO nerds

Our SEO “nerds” work on SEO full-time, and then some! Most of them even carry on working long into the evening, to improve their skills or test out new possibilities within SEO. We work in a highly systematic fashion with SEO, and always start out with a search word (keyword) analysis. Without this, we cannot identify the “right” search word that will provide value for money for you.

Search words are not the only things that count, however, and our technical know-how is one of our greatest strengths. We implement this knowledge in your web shop by carrying out an SEO analysis of your entire site. In addition, SEO texts, title tags, meta descriptions, SEF URL, and a whole bunch of other complicated words that make no sense to anyone else, all need to be created. But that’s exactly why you need us to handle this, because not only do we understand how to tackle it, we also know how to turn it into a reality, because as SEO enthusiasts that’s what we live to do!

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AdWords for the hardcore

It’s not just for the fun of it that we have head-hunted employees from Google. In fact, they come to us, and for one simple reason alone. Because some of Denmark's best AdWords consultants work for us, and because we offer them the best opportunities to develop themselves and the clients they work for. We have developed our own programmatic AdWords robot which can perform thousands of changes to your account faster than any human could.

No matter whether your AdWords account is small or large, it is vital to continuously adjust all of the small details that can make a big difference, and we do this with the help of our highly competent staff and our AdWords robot.

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Facebook works

In the early days, Facebook was not a very effective way of advertising. Today, however, it has become a super-efficient method of marketing your products. It is now easy to generate leads via Facebook, lead campaigns have become simple, and target groups have become more defined, making Facebook highly effective.

If you consider how many people normally visit a website, only 1-4% are actually converted into a lead, and that means that 99-96% are lost without getting anything useful from them. That’s no joke when you have devoted much of your budget to attracting visitors in the first place. Retargeting can turn this around.The smart thing to do is to create advertisements targeted at the leads or advertise to the 99-96% who were not converted on your website. Often by doing this, the total conversion rate can be increased to over 8% over time.

We have some really bright Facebook nerds who can outperform almost anybody, for like everyone else at River Online, they are driven by a passion – and theirs is Facebook advertising.

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Test it out with CRO

Should the button be red or green? Yes, finding out which colour it should be does actually matter a great deal if you want to get the most out of it, and that’s where CRO comes in. CRO stands for conversion rate optimisation. CRO is essential if you operate a professional web shop today. There are many methods used within CRO, but to get the optimal usage and maximum effect from it, you must follow a specific plan.

This doesn’t just apply to buttons, of course, but also to a great deal more. You can test it out on anything, your design, your texts, the layout and much more – and it really does work. And besides that, it just makes good sense to let your website visitors decide what works best for them.

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