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If you got a business, you can't ignore the potential of Google Ads, no matter which company you have. You can benefit from using Google Ads to get new customers, and that is whether if you are a B2C, B2B, web shop, service or anything else. The main core of Google's business is the ads you can advertise with and as a business one should not ignore this source.

Why choose River Online?

When you look into the market for a Google partner it can be difficult to figure out which agencies provide the best service and best results.

At River Online we have chosen to do things differently. We do not have a junior staff. Instead we headhunter and we recruit our employees. The key here is experience, in fact, all the employees have 3-5 years of experience, and they are known for delivering good results.

At River Online you have direct dialogue with the specialist who is doing the work for you. When you work closely with your Ads specialist, you will as a customer experience a completely different business understanding of the processes and agreements that are performed.

If you think it would be interesting to work directly with the specialist, who does the work for you, rather than a seller, then River Online could be right for you.

We work closely with Google

Maybe it's not the first time you hear anyone say this, but it’s true that River Online is among the few agencies that work directly with Google at a customer level. This means a lot of special training on the latest trends. We test a lot of things with Google, and we often use their specialists and knowledge in individual customer cases. It is not unusual that Google flies to Denmark to hold a strategy meeting with River Online and major customers; to inform about the latest trends and actions.

Every month, River Online receives statistics from Google in Ireland, where we are held up on how we perform in the market compared to other major agencies in Denmark. It is your assurance that River Online always strives to be the best, whether you are a smaller or a larger customer.

A collaboration on Google Ads


We start by analyzing your Google Ads account when you place an offer. We will challenge your current setup, but most importantly, we get to know what it takes to get more effective Google advertising and what can be done to grow your business.

With an analysis we cover the following:

  • Account Structure
    • campaign Structure
    • Keyword splitting in ad groups
    • Budget Analysis
    • RLSA configuration
    • Correct use of ad extensions
  • Account activity
    • change History
    • Bid adjustment frequency

  • Keyword
    • Search terms
    • Negative keywords
    • Keyword Types

  • Conversion Tracking
    • Google Analytics Conversion Tracking
    • Attribution models
    • Great visits
    • Call Tracking
    • Micro conversions

  • Advertisements
    • Advertisement messages
    • Ad Quality

  • Google Shopping
    • Segmentation of products
    • Bid adjustments on products

  • Google Display (GDN)
    • Locations on GDN
    • Target groups
    • Remarketing


Google Search Ads (search campaigns)

Google's search campaigns are among the oldest products that Google released. These are the text ads you see when you make a search on Google. E.g. If you do a search on "River Online" then you may be getting an ad that looks like this:


You can always recognize an ad from a search campaign by having a small ad sign icon next to the result. Should you go and click on the ad, the advertiser pays, in this case, River Online, a small "click price" to Google. How much a click on an ad costs depends on how much competition there is on the advertised "keyword".

Search campaigns are one of the important advertising methods you can use in Google Ads. Virtually all industries can use search campaigns to get more customers and create more revenue in the business. The only ones who actually can't get much out of search campaigns are those who have a product that is not requested already. It can appear if you have a product that is new in the market or if you try to create awareness about a purpose or a new sales series. One could instead supplement with display advertising or video advertising.

Keyword to Google search Ads

As mentioned, Google's search campaigns are driven by keywords. In order to get your ad out, you need to choose which keywords you would like to look at, things that your customers should search for to find your particular business.
Some examples of keywords in some different stores may look like this:

Anne got a bakery shop in Kolding. She likes to be shown in an ad when people search for:

Baker shop in London
Bread in London 
Cake in London

A moving company based in Aarhus could be interested in being found when removable customers are looking for:

Moving company NewYork 
Movers New York 
Relocation service New York

Being found on the word remover, mover and relocation service is also interesting if there is set up a delimitation, for example. 50+ km outside Aarhus.

Think out of the box

Do you remember that we explained that the click price is determined by the competition? It is important to think out of the box when you make a keyword analysis.
If you only use general keywords that anyone thinks of, there are probably more advertisers on those keywords, and so the competition can be significantly higher.
Some keywords may also be better than others to do advertising.
Could you imagine Anne's bakery making more money selling a birthday cake compared to some bred? Thorough keyword analysis is the first cornerstone of a successful search campaign.

Thorough keyword analysis

If you think that a keyword analysis can be dull - and it easily can, if you have many products or work in a business with many different keywords - don't worry, we have the solution!
We have developed our own technologies and tools to streamline the keyword analysis by 70%. This does not mean that we work less, but it means that you can get a much more satisfactory result for the same price than if you had made the keyword analyzes manually.

A search ad is not just a search ad ..

The most important element of a search campaign is that your search ads are top-tuned. It can make a big difference if you could just raise your CTR from 8% to 10%, and often it is the small differences. A clear way to improve the CTR is to include the used keywords in each ad. Let's take an example from before:

Anne’s bakery (in London)

We will use the same example again:

Baker shop in London
Bread in London 
Cake in London

We know that all these keywords have something to do with a baker and the potential customers who have used those keywords are looking for a baker. Therefore, you could make a general baking advertisement for all 3 different keywords. It could look like this *:


*In that particular example, we have omitted various ad extensions


The ad itself may be very fine, but it would be a better ad if it actually mentioned "cake" or "birthday cake", in cases where the ad is shown to a customer who is searching for a cake? The answer is given, and of course it would be more relevant to match the ad text directly with the search done on Google.


This is how we do at River Online

At River Online, we have chosen to give all keywords we use an opportunity to get unique ad texts. In fact, our ad groups contain only 1 keyword, and all ad groups receive 3 individual ads. So, if you have 100 keywords, you will get 300 ads.
It allows us to customize all ads extremely specific to each and every keyword. It often means that you want to have thousands of active ad texts at River Online as a constant splitting test for the best result.

Google Shopping

If you run a web shop, Google Shopping can become your best source of income. Google Shopping is the results on products you see when you do a Google search. For example, it could be this search on "Beds":


It can be a little different how Shopping results are displayed. Sometimes it is out to the right as we can see here, or it may be just below the search box and sometimes only a few or a single product is shown.

The exciting thing about Google Shopping is that you easily and quickly can present your products to the customer. You only pay if a customer actually clicks on your Google Shopping ad and because the customer can see what the product is and the price, Google Shopping often has a very good conversion rate.


Shopping takes up more and more…

In recent years, the proportion of Google Shopping has grown more and more. In fact, the proportion of orders coming from Google Shopping vs. regular search has taken over, both on traffic, ROAS and conversion rate.


In fact, Shopping has become so successful that the EU has to put a little stick in the wheel of Google, which has made Google Shopping act separately from Google itself. For that reason, it opened up the possibility that anyone is allowed to manage items on Google Shopping. Therefore, you often see other vendors for Shopping ads than Google itself - under the ads you can see if it says "by Google" or another service.


At River Online, we have our own "CSS" (Comparison Shopping Service) to deliver products. This means that we have some very special benefits when we offer Google Shopping to our customers. Among other things, we can offer a 20% more competitive click price. Read more about the CSS program here.


A strong partner to Google Shopping

At River Online, we've been running Google Shopping for almost every industry, and we have a lot of experience in running Google Shopping for our customers. We use the market's best tools to optimize, not just the campaigns, but also the product information. For Google Shopping, you do not use keywords as Google bases the entire Shopping algorithm on what it believes your product is, and therefore work with the product information.

The numbers speak for themselves

We have several cases where our customers have experienced a larger sale on Google Shopping by cooperating with us. Here are just a few examples:

A) We have solved numerous problems with the existing product feed which did not perform optimally. Month by month during 2018, the customer has experienced continuously higher revenue through Google Shopping, and it only increases.



B) A major web shop that had Google Shopping for an extended period of time has since the start of the collaboration experienced continuous growth, over many months of optimization in an extremely competitive market.



C) A web shop that once was small, with competitive prices and a really ambitious product feed optimization has achieved 8 times more monthly revenue than the starting point from the start of 2018.



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