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At RiverOnline we deliver results based on goals. We’ve got employees with a high level of experience and education, which makes us capable of performing online marketing in the best possible way. We deliver quality at a good price; this means anyone can join - both startups and larger established companies.

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You know what you’re paying for because we send goal based reports to you on a monthly basis. We’re hardcore number crunchers, and we grow bottom line through determined action. Vi visualizes all data for you, and at the same time, we provide a login to our customer center – here you can follow the progress of the work on a daily basis.


33 years
8 year
Sales & Consultancy
Kolding, DK

Rasmus is a very competent Customer Manager. He has several years of experience as an advisor to companies regarding online marketing. At RiverOnline his focus is on project management and business development for our many clients, as well as handling and drawing up strategy papers for some of the biggest companies in Denmark.
Besides his obvious talents in project management and business development, Rasmus is quite nerdish. He is skilled in Facebook marketing as well as CRO aka Conversion Rate Optimization, which benefits both customers and colleagues, as two of the most important factors in our line of work are KPI’s and turnover.

When Rasmus has a phone to his ear and a laptop under the arm life doesn’t get any better. And he is fiercely competitive. When playing table football at the office, he’s always striving to win.

Rasmus lives in Vejle, where he enjoys life with his family.

Article written by Rasmus:

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