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When it comes to backlinks, we’ve got several big channels to draw upon at RiverOnline. Among other things, we’ve got an extensive network of bloggers dedicated to creating outreach backlinks. The cooperation between us and the network is very close and already tuned. We’ve got famous grade ”A” bloggers, lots of regular bloggers on our network and also connections to journalists on different news sites. We know that a mix of quality link building and link.” backlinks will give the best results, a natural link profile simply generates the best rankings. 

We use self-developed tools to screen Google for the links that your competitors have, and that you haven’t acquired yet. This provides an opportunity to do a link equalization relative to your competitors. We’ve got an accomplished team, that doesn’t do anything else but create links for our customers. In a matter of days, we can provide you with a complete list of English websites, which could provide useful and relevant links to your website.

Link Building

Backlinks are recommendations

Every time you receive a backlink, it’ll count as a recommendation from another site. It’s crucial to have many recommendations, to get good rankings on search engines. The links must be of high quality; they should among other things, change in structure i.e. the links must not resemble each other. The search engines will be able to see if they do, and then the links will lose value or count negatively.

The value of links has changed radically

Only five years ago it was the amount of links to the website or webshop, which provided the biggest effect in the pursuit of good rankings. Collecting 1000 or maybe 10.000 links from a domain would result in good rankings - this doesn’t work anymore. Today this practice of having many links from one domain will be seen as a very negative thing. As a general rule, we say that the maximum amount of incoming links from one domain mustn’t exceed 20%. This change was a result of the Google update published on April 24, 2012, which goes by the name Google Penguin. Many of the consultants that have worked with SEO before this time, still remember how the situation changed radically. The consultants who found the new formula back then, can without a doubt call themselves specialists – and of course, we did just that.

Today you need quality links from many domains. Many associate good links with links from nice looking and well-respected websites, that’s only partly true. The one thing Google puts great emphasis on today, is how they define good links. This definition is not always quite the same as one might associate with “a good link”:

Preferably a link should originate from a new domain every time

Preferably a link should come from a new IP location every time, this shows Google that the link is not located in a “blog cloud” As a result the link is a “good link”

Links should mainly link to the front page of the domain, from here the menu-structure spread the value of the links throughout the site. It’s our opinion that a minimum of 60%-70% of the inbound links, must go directly to your front page.

Links to the front page must not exceed 10% in anchor text. Many have good experience with as high as 15%-25%; we view this a dangerous because it’s obvious to Google, that you’re link building.

Links from domains with high trust, visit ahrefs.com to find useful links.

Links from bloggers, with a large amount of social coverage and mentions on the net

Links from lesser trustworthy sites provides diversion in the IP addresses

It’s important to spread links from partners, good and well know bloggers, lesser known bloggers, and comments and catalogs. The last two do not provide any direct value but are used to diverse and give a natural link profile

Content marketing is a good to create links. Get a blog and write articles about your product, deliver information that others want to share. Good articles will be shared and linked too.

Getting exposure in the media is a good way to get links. Acquiring links with good stories and press announcements is one of the most used options. These create useful links from websites with high trust.

Only the useful links count?

Today useful links are not the only thing you should focus on. You also need to concentrate on removing or at least improving the bad links. In the old days, you could just get more useful links to reach the top. Today removal of bad links, and the creation of good links are both equally important parts of linkkbuilding. Here we provide some examples of links you should improve or maybe remove:

1. Links that are sidewide i.e. when you get many links from a domain, they should either be changed or combined into a few links.
2. Links from Russia, India, etc. is a no go. You must have the highest concentration of links from your own country.

Are you having backlinks made and not seeing the effect?

1. You’re apparently getting many good links from various domains. Unfortunately, they’re located on the same IP. To check this, you can use the tool IP Bulk Checker to check your latest created links.
2. Your anchor texts only or almost only consists of money keywords i.e. your (main) keyword is included in nearly every link you’ve got.

We can help you reach the top with good links!

We’ve got a comprehensive link network

At RiverOnline we have a big link network which has taken many years to build. We have a big network of bloggers we can contact with a days’ notice. And what is even better, is that we’ve negotiated prices with the bloggers so many times, that you get good links for a good price from the start. We’ve both very famous bloggers in our blog network and also many regular bloggers.

We use special tools to screen Google to find links that your competitors have, and you do not. We’ve got an accomplished team, which is dedicated to nothing else but to create links for our customers. In a matter of a few days, we can provide you with a complete list of English websites, that could provide useful and relevant links to your site.

Contact us now – we know what we’re doing!


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