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Google advertising is the perfect way to get more customers within a reasonable period. With Google AdWords help, your website will see an increase in visitors shortly after the campaign has launched. Combine this with continuous optimization by the most professional consultants, and the visitors will soon become buying customers.

At RiverOnline we’ve got many years of experience with Adwords management. With employees who have formerly worked at Google and other big companies, we have the right team to help you get more customers. Most importantly we report key figures to you every month e.g. a number of acquired customers, inquiries and much more. 

RiverOnline is a certified Google Partner

All solutions include:
Unlimited number of Keywords
Optional Keywords
Dynamic Ads
Dynamic Campaigns
Retargeting Campaigns
Dynamic Retargeting
Complete tracking with Analytics
Reports every month
Log in to Online Reports 

Success with a Google AdWords Consultant 

Having Google AdWords advertising setup the right way, can give you much lower click prices than your competition. As a result, you’ll obtain better placements than your competition, and create a bigger profit, making your business more successful. We’ve got knowledge of all the optimization possibilities in Google, and we use some techniques that only a handful have knowledge of. 


Conversion tracking is of highest importance! 

The best campaigns always have Googles conversion tracking, this way it’s very clear which keywords, ads and ad groups that are creating most sales. We always take it one step further than this, and set up Google Analytics E-commerce tracking or goal tracking – this allows to report a finer level of data to you.

If you feel you’ve got trouble reading these data, we’ll gladly give you a course in Analytics. The most important thing for us is that you understand what we’re doing for you. We want you to feel safe knowing that we’re working for you and that you can follow the progress. Under this section, you can see a correct Google AdWords optimization. The orange curve display conversions (sales) The blue line shows visits to the website. It’s clear that as the curves progress, conversions increase and visits decrease. This is good Ad-Words optimization! You get more customers by targeting the exact right visitors. 

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