Important new Google update in the making

New update gives mobile website better positions

Google has announced that they are testing the mobile-first indexing. Instead of looking at the desktop version of a website when indexing your site, Google now looks at the mobile page and bases the page rank on the mobile version of the site. The page rank, which Google assigns to your mobile site, will, therefore, influence the ranking of your desktop website.

Why this change?

Google chooses to test this mobile-first indexing because more and more people today use their mobile devices to search on Google. Some businesses use different content on their desktop website as on their mobile page – typically, the amount of content is reduced on the mobile page. This causes problems for Google because its goal is to present the best and most relevant results to its users. To work around this issue, Google now, as far as possible, looks at the content, links and structured data on your mobile page when it assigns the website a position in the search results. Therefore, it is important that you optimize your website to mobile devices (soon!).

No reason to panic!

Google’s new mobile-first indexing is still in the testing stage, and even if you do not have a mobile version of your website and if you are not planning to set up one either, then Google will still look at your desktop version and index it accordingly. However, your competitors with a mobile website will have a significant advantage in Google’s search results in the future.

How can you tell, if your website is mobile friendly?

You can always check whether your site is mobile friendly here: You are also more than welcome to contact us at 7867 850 620
. We are always ready to guide you and to help you with your positions in Google.


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