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At RiverOnline we create results! Below you can see screen dumps of some of the placement we’ve reached for our customers. These are some of the most competitive keywords and a good ranking by these keywords; it means growing your business at a fast pace. We’re a strong team, and we can deliver results for you – just look below.

Our team consists of the best in the business, and you’re in direct contact with the consultant that works for you. The consultant that has the responsibility for your site will have minimum five years of experience. Experience, cooperation on openness results in a potent collaborative project. Do you also want good placements in regards to SEO and AdWords? Fill out the form below.

Results that count

We are thrilled to have started a cooperation with RiverOnline. In the first 30 days our turnover has grown with over 70,000$ by using Facebook, SEO and AdWords. RiverOnline are extremely skilled, and they know their stuff. I am very pleased with having chosen RiverOnline as my partner, and I look forward to growing even more in the years to come. - Owner Erik Torp

We, at Decorate Shop, have used River Online for digital sparring, AdWords and SEO, since the summer of 2016. Throughout it has been very clear to us, that River Online is a perfect match. And we always experience great compassion and commitment. Their professional level is – in our opinion – second to none and the results speak for themselves. We can only give River Online our very best recommendation.
Head of PR & Marketing – Lilli Sussemiehl

More growth with RiverOnline

We always focus on growth when we work you. We know that you’ll only use us if we continually deliver growth in your business. Therefore, we aim to create growth for all our customers every month. Below you can see graphs depicting the degree of exposure or clients receive on Google. The blue line is SEO (organic) Our research shows that we deliver the best results compared to other agencies. 

Don’t take happy customers for granted 

You only get happy customer if you can produce results, and we can. Here you can see a small selection of statements from our customers. Our ambitions are big, and we expect your goals to be equal to ours. But why are we better than so many others? Vi differ from others, very simply because we do not have employees with less than five years of experience, or who has other extraordinary results to show for themselves. Any job interview consists of at least three meetings and includes a personality test and a technical test, to ensure the right qualifications and just the right personality. We reward good employees with slightly higher salaries, and we’re constantly evolving our business – which results in cheaper service for you. 

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