SEO texts in TOP 3 contain an average of 458 words

There are many opinions about SEO texts, especially their length is often debated. Most of the opinions are based on past experience, and that is to some extent fine, because what else should you build on it?

At River Online we love working with data! There is nothing better than finding out how we can make things better for our customers by using data. Some of that data we would like to share with you, and it is specifically about data concerning the length of an SEO text. We looked through our data to find out how long an SEO text is when it is in the top 3 on Google.

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Learning what´s new at Google and Facebook

The entire River Online Team visits Google and Facebook Dublin

From Wednesday, 25 October until Saturday, 28 October, the whole River Online Denmark and Germany team paid a visit to Facebook and Google in Dublin. We have often been invited by both companies to send a couple of our people to attend seminars in Dublin. However, we have always had to decline as we felt it was important for the whole team to attend together.

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River Online recognized as Premier Partner

River Online Google Premier

River Online have since the announcement of Googles Premier Partner Badge been striving to qualify. It has finally happened, and we have now received our recognition from Google. To be premium partner means that River Online has managed AdWords for numerous Danish companies, without having to weaken the quality and efficiency of the campaigns. River Online have in 2016 created substantial revenue in billions to our customers through AdWords – we are proud of that!

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Important new Google update in the making

Google regularly updates its algorithm to improve the search results. Sometimes, these updates are so significant that businesses risk losing their position in the search results – and thereby also revenue. This may happen without businesses even realizing that an update is causing this decrease in revenue.

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