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Do you want to acquire more customers with SEO? With Search Engine Optimization you get more customers without having to pay for clicks. Search Optimization converts better than any other marketing channel, and that’s the best reason to choose SEO marketing. At RiverOnline we have many years of experience; as a result, we are a safe choice when you’re aiming to be number one on Google with relevant keywords.

An SEO Agency that increases your revenue!

Achieving good rankings on search engines will increase your revenue. Let us help with your SEO and improve your rankings on Google! Better ranking means more visitors, which results in an increase in revenue.

Conversions are the most important thing! 

For us, it is important to see your income increase, when we do SEO for you. Our goal is you selling more by using search engine optimization. For that reason, we set goals and track conversions when we do SEO optimization for you. You will be able to see your total sales through Google. 

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What is SEO?


Looking for an answer to the following questions?: 

"What is search engine optimization?" or “What is SEO?” 

First and foremost, you should know that the short term: SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization. Below we have tried to give you the answers you are looking for. 

Optimization work

SEO means performing optimization work both on and off the website. When doing SEO, you make sure that the site conforms as best as possible to Googles algorithms.  When consumers are googling specific words or phrases, the site will be found on Google, preferably at the top. 


When the website has been adjusted, and all errors have been found and corrected, the link building begins. This means acquiring links or recommendations to increase the value of the website. The fact is that any site will mainly be valued by how many recommendations it haves, and we can create these valuable recommendation links for you. It’s vital that you know where to put these links on the website. The way link building is implemented changes all the time because the algorithms often are changed by Google. You have to be “up to date,” to be able to perform link building that works.

Why should you use SEO?

The more competition there is, the harder it gets

Most people will not have difficulties learning how to do search engine optimization. However, when it comes to the competitive keywords, where the competition is fierce, that is when you realize how difficult it is to do good linkbuilding. In the end, it all comes down how much you know about search engine optimization and the details of it. Single commas or words that need switching could enough to achieve better rankings on Google.

Good rankings take time

Getting good rankings on search engines with SEO could take long, especially if the words you are targeting are very competitive. If on the other hand, the words that you are targeting are words that receive very few monthly searches, achieving good rankings won’t take that long. But what good would a ranking do, if no one is searching for it? 

You’ve got to choose the right words 

You’ve got to be visible with the right words! It’s the right words with high competition that provides the visits you want. There is a big difference on how many searches a word receives. Having a keyword analysis made before the optimization work begins, is crucial and always beneficial. Once the keyword analysis is prepared, it will be clear which words that are desirable for you to optimize towards. 

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