SEO texts in TOP 3 contain an average of 458 words

There are many opinions about SEO texts, especially their length is often debated. Most of the opinions are based on past experience, and that is to some extent fine, because what else should you build on it?

At River Online we love working with data! There is nothing better than finding out how we can make things better for our customers by using data. Some of that data we would like to share with you, and it is specifically about data concerning the length of an SEO text. We looked through our data to find out how long an SEO text is when it is in the top 3 on Google.

We have analyzed 1.2 million Google results

We have analyzed more than 1.2 million rankings on Google over the past few years. When we get a new customer or offer offers to a potential customer, we review all external and internal SEO data for the customer in order to find out where we should put the efforts.

Our system finds countless data among other things, it shows how long the texts are, how long titles are, how many times the keyword shows on a page and where all keywords are located on Google. We also check all incoming links and all anchor texts. When we talk about SEO today, it is the whole of the smallest details that make all the difference to get good rankings on Google

Landing pages in TOP 3 contain an average of 458.24 words

Many SEO people say that an SEO text should contain +1.000 words if it should be well placed on Google. But our analyzes say that the average is much lower. It is average 458.24 words for a top 3 landing page on Google. 

Distribution of text-length in TOP 3 on Google


Only 12.7% of analyzed landing pages have over 1000 words

Of all the landing pages we have analyzed over the years it is actually only 12.72% of those who have more than 1000 words on their landing page.
12% is not much when we know that it is commonly recommended by SEO people.

Only keywords with over 400 searches per Month is included in the analysis

To ensure that we did not make the analysis upon keywords with low competition, we removed all keywords with a volume below 400 monthly searches; associated with landing pages in the analysis. If a keyword has over 400 searches per. month, there is always some competition on the keyword and therefore we included those.

The average search volume is 1201 searches per. Landing page

The average search volume for keywords associated with landing pages in the analysis is 1,201 searches per. month.
Based on all landing pages from 200 words to 1000 words, the average volume for all associated keywords is 1132 searches per. month.

Now you probably think it is strange that there are several searches on the short landing pages? And that's also true - it's strange.
Therefore, we looked through the data, and the reason for the larger volume on the short texts is that there are many results for front pages with brand keywords where volume is quite high, but competition is low.

On all landing pages with over 1000 words per. landing page is the number of associated keywords 10,539 searches per month. It is therefore considerably more and therefore tells us that the more keywords you have and the higher the volume you have on your keywords, the longer your landing page should be.

Conclusion: Your length should match the volume and competition of your keywords

We can conclude that your SEO text must be the length that matches the keywords you use in the text; the volume and the competition on them. The point of this article is to clarify that the rule saying that an SEO text should be over 1000 word, is not the main rule to be followed. It must match the competition that is on the keywords contained in the text. There are, of course, many other ranking factors than just text length, and we look forward to sharing with you in future articles.

A good SEO text is not just written for algorithms

A good SEO text is not just an SEO text written to Google's algorithms. It is written for users who read it, by copywriters who capture the users and manage to get them to approach or buy. When our copywriters write texts, they primarily focus on the customer, while respecting the good SEO guidelines. Our texts are usually between 300 and 700 words, depending on the competition.  In some cases we make texts of +1000 words if the competition is very high, as it may be an advantage, but in these cases, inbound links have a very large share in the placement on Google.

When we do SEO texts at River Online, we use our own algorithm that is set up to calculate the length of the texts our customers must have. In this way, we ensure that we never order too long, or too short texts based on opinions. If your texts are too long, then you properly payed too much for your texts. If you want to use 100 or 1000 texts, it can be quite a lot of money in excess, in relation to what is needed. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to get professionals to write your texts.

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