Title Tag Optimizer

With the Title Tag Optimizer you can adjust your title tags and meta descriptions to have the exact right length. This makes them stand out from your competitors – and leaves them optimized to attract the highest possible amount of customers. The title tag is one of the most important parameters in SEO, therefore it’s very important that these meta titles are clear, to the point and generating a high CTR (Click Through Rate)

Optimize your title tag here:

The perfect Title Tag 

When making your titel tag, you should always have a clear Call to action e.g. Get an offer here or We’re always cheapest. At the same time your most important keywords must be included, and should be placed as early as possible in the sentence. If you want to be found on SEO, then place the keyword as the first word in you text, and the call to actions after this. The length of your titel tag has an impact in relation to your placement on Google. But the proper length of the titel tag is different from keyword to keyword. To find out how long a title should be, do a search on google for the specific keyword. The title tag must never exceed 512 pixels. The SEO tool below automatically cuts at the right place. 

Your meta description has a story to tell! 

Your meta description, the description which is shown below the link on Google, has no effect on your placement. However, it does have an effect on your CTR which is believed to have an impact in regards to placements. For this reason, you should make sure to include call to actions and words and sentences in the description. Try to stir the attention of your customers and persuade them to click on your link. 

Title tag for SEO – Nice to know: 

Make sure your keyword is first in your title tag. The words that are farthest to the left are seen as most important from googles point of view. If your title tag is to short (approximately 35 keystrokes or under) it produces an error on your Search Console account. When you write your meta description, it’s an advantage to use the keyword specific to the landing page. Technically this has no effect, however the keyword will appear as bold text – this makes the content a bit clearer for the user.


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